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  1. The name of the company is THE HEALTH PILOT LTD
  2. The registered office of the company is situated in Nigeria
  3. The objects for which the company is established are
  4. To carry on the business, of publishing of health and general news, softcopies and hardcopies prints, designing and development of website, importation of hospital equipment, organization of national and international medical outreaches, seminars, workshops, symposia, telegramming, photography, video production, clothing line/shoe .line/perfume, movies, stage production, event creation, promotion, sales and red carpeting, creation of internal control systems in hospitals etc.
  5. To carry on the business as artiste production, film production, magazine production & publication & documentaries, indoor/outdoor shows, cinematography/theatre services. To engage in modeling services/ agency, park/recreation services beauty pageants and event gallery.
  6. To engage in the business of general contracts, general supplies, sales representative, general merchandise, import/export of general goods and services, procurement, oilfield equipment, rental services, oil tools, safety gadgets, office equipment, furniture and interior decoration. To act as manufacturers’ representative, distributors, manufacturers’ agents and to engage in stocking warehousing and any other allied trading and marketing services supermarket/departmental stores thereof.
  7. To carry on business of civil works, construction works, road rehabilitation works, maintenance and demolition of building, repairs, alteration, mechanical works, pipe lines, welding, borehole drilling, dredging services, well treatments technical parts and material services, fabrication and storage tanks, structural steel/metal works, supply of high quality building materials, and blasting, labour supply, equipment hiring thereof.
  8. To engage in the business of oil and gas, petroleum products, oilfield services and energy services, oil tools, render marketable and supply of all petroleum products, and to do the same in respect of gas products, including but not limited to industrial chemical and tools, domestic and cooking gas.
  9. To engage in the business of automobile services, machinery tools, purchasing and sales of spare parts, caterpillar spare parts equipment hiring, heavy duty services, and plant hiring.
  10. To carry on the business of waste disposal/environmental cleaning services, fumigation, pest control, cleaning of agricultural waste generally. To engage in land reclamation, bush clearing, sand filling, shore protection, pollution control and oil spillage clean-up services.
  11. To engage in sales, supplies, distribution of telecommunication and computer systems, tools marketing/maintenance services, photographic, printing work, equipment and other accessories.
  12. To own, manage, sell, buy or otherwise deal in electrical and electronics materials installation, electrical wiring of all types and other related services.
  13. To do all such other things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects of any of them.


  1. The company is private company
  2. The liability of the members is limited by shares

SIGNED: The management


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