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    Thanks for this piece
    Please kindly look at the medical laboratory act…..the purpose of analysing animal and / or human samples in medical laboratory is for production of biological chemicals (reagents)
    Any result from the medical laboratory for the purpose of making diagnosis of a patients it’s an illegal work because it’s only clinical laboratory that is vested with the responsibility of carrying out test for diagnosis and treatment of patients

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    Brilliant! Thanks for shedding more light on a dicey issue. The physician has become an orphan in the Hospital. If it is not the lab scientists, it’s the radiograohers or the optometrist!

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    Dr. Obed

    Clinical laboratory science is also called medical laboratory science
    It is only in nigeria that medical laboratory practice has become a subject of nomenclature
    In america the pathologist and the medical laboratory scientist are licensed by one council
    This suggest both specialties work hand in hand
    It is about time nigeria learns from international best practice
    Laboratory scientist is the head of the clinical lab and the pathologist is the head of the anatomical pathology lab
    Obed from Ghana

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      One of our problems in Africa is trying to fix a round peck on a square hole
      Which health care system has Nigeria adopted? = Uk.
      In Nigeria we don’t have clinical laboratory science…..what we have is clinical laboratory medicine and our has clearly defined the difference between clinical laboratory medicine and medical laboratory science……therefore they can’t be the same

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    Fantabulous please this should be published on any daily newspaper.

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    Chima Obi

    Kudos, Mazi John.

    I hope this cat and mouse relationship ends someday in our health sector.

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    Clinically accurate and on point. I kept wondering why these guys secure such judgement

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      Looking at the judgment logical it is correct

      The judgment clearly acknowledges that the two professions are not the same
      It never said pathologist should leave the clinical laboratory but rather it says a medical laboratory should be created for the medical laboratory scientist…..if that is done the management will have to go back to the law that established medical laboratory science to note their legal function because it will be illegal for any doctor to send patients’ sample to medical laboratory for purpose of diagnosis and treatment


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